Intertalent Graduation

Mission Statement


At Intertalent Graduations it is our mission to make available for sale or rental, graduation gowns, tassels, cap and other appropriate accompaniments for the use of graduation ceremonies at CPE / child care, schools, colleges, CEGEPs, universities and any other agency or organization who may have need of such.


Current Reality of this Industry


We all know that competition in the global marketplace is tough. Which is why educational institutions all around the world are working harder than ever to prepare the adults of tomorrow for the life that is ahead of them.


Many modern schools have found that the prestige and encouragement generated by holding formal graduation ceremonies at a variety of ages, acts as an effective means of raising children's self-esteem, helps to promote a more focused, goal orientated mindset and lowers the number of school dropouts.


Graduation events are even becoming commonplace when children are ready to make the move from child care to school, as the beneficial effects of these momentous rites of passage are so significant that it only makes sense to apply them from the earliest age possible.




At Intertalent Graduations we consider all graduation ceremonies to be the mark of an achievement well earned. A unique event, held on a special day, during the process of which the recipients begin a new stage of life, whilst forging memories that will stay with them forever.


With our knowledge and experience of the global marketplace, intertalent graduations is capable of providing affordable, diverse and quality graduation products. Customer care is our number one priority, which is why we aim to ensure our clients special days are always a success by providing the option of close collaboration with our highly experienced staff.


Value for Money


The current global economic climate means that budgetary issues are a foremost concern for many of our clients. We understand this situation and do everything possible to ensure our customers get the best value for their money, without cutting corners on quality.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee


Satisfying our customers is really important to us, which is why we guarantee that our products and services will always be of the highest quality, so as to meet our clients every expectation and make their special days a complete success.

Souvenir's have always played an important part in marking life-changing experiences, which is why here at intertalent graduations we've taken the liberty to provide a few ideas to help you create one of those memorable moments in your special someone’s life.